Invest in What Matters Most

Values-Based Investing (VBI) is a growing method of investing where you:

Invest in companies you believe in.

Refrain from investing in companies with harmful products or practices.

Maintain a well-diversified portfolio.

Values-Based Investing Is Both Exclusive and Inclusive

Exclude Negative Practices, Like These 4 Primary Negative Practices in the Market
Include Investments that Bless Mankind
What does it mean to bless mankind with your investments? Here are some common examples: 

Researching cures for diseases 

Promoting fair labor practices 

Sustaining the environment 

Providing global access to education 

Advancing cybersecurity efforts 

All investing makes an impact. What’s your impact?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you might benefit from our simple, 3-step process.

Get a free impact audit of your current investments.


Learn how to change your  investment strategy so that it aligns with your values.

Gain confidence in your account and grow your impact through diversification and rebalancing.

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Cavett Cooper


Cavett has been a financial advisor for over 12 years. He utilizes a CFP®, CKA®, MBA, and all the lessons he has learned to advise and encourage clients. He is proud Anthem’s VBI approach creates an impact more than just ROI.

With a free audit, you can see what you are profiting from.

Are you ready to align your investment portfolio with your values? After we receive your information, we will contact you to set up a free audit at your convenience.

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